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We Proudly Present our new book!

Positive Psychology for Music Professionals is a guidebook to the building blocks of positive psychology and character strengths, and the ways in which they can be used by music professionals throughout the industry to empower, celebrate, and leverage individuality.

Written in a highly accessible and entertaining tone – and based on the science of character pioneered by the VIA Institute – this book is designed to introduce the language, themes, and concepts of a strength-based approach to working in the music industry. Targeted exercises, self-reflections, interviews, and profession-specific case studies encourage readers to harness the power of their strengths to shift to an open mindset, create more positive working relationships, and improve institutions within their field.

Positive Psychology for Music Professionals is essential reading for music professionals of all kinds, including aspiring and established musicians, students, music producers, educators, and managers in all sectors of the industry.

Be the first to know about our upcoming book launch event and join us in celebrating the power of positivity in the music industry.

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